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Compassion and Diversity are the seed and strenght for the coming together of Humankind
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A Humanitarian Non-Profit Organization
Not Affiliated With the Chapel of Four Chaplains, PA

Tragic events from Virginia Tech to Darfur and from the Middle East to Rwanda remind us that we need to build bridges between people. Here are just a few we are building...

We give our annual Immortal Chaplains Prize for Humanity honors those who have given all to protect others of a different race or faith. We seek out, and are able to tell on a worldwide stage, the stories of those whose lives exemplify compassion to others ....of adversity and prejudice.

We are creating public reconciliation between the families and the survivors of both sides of conflicts setting the stage for broader understanding of the interfaith compassion of the Immortal Chaplains and for reconciliation worldwide. 

We are teaching and inspiring groups through our Speakers Bureau available through our website or by mail. The story of the sacrifice of the Immortal Chaplains leaves a lasting impression and 'role model' for interfaith interracial compassion.




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