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Compassion and Diversity are the seed and strenght for the coming together of Humankind
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A Humanitarian Non-Profit Organization
Not Affiliated With the Chapel of Four Chaplains, PA




    Perpetuating the legacy of the four "Immortal Chaplains" whose example of love for others without regard to race, religion or creed, acknowledges the potential for human compassion.


    Compassion and diversity are the seed and strength for the coming together of Humankind.


To honor individuals, both past and present, whose lives exemplify the compassion of the four "Immortal Chaplains" and who have risked all to protect others of different faith or ethnicity by annually presenting
“The Prize for Humanity."
  1. To broaden national and international awareness of the legacy of the four “Immortal Chaplains”.
  2. To inspire youth to the values of the four "Immortal Chaplains".
  3. To find new partners and ways to tell this story and preserve the legacy.


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